And then there was today….

I look at the blog post I did about Mother’s day and I think, man, why can’t they all be like that? Chaos has descended upon my house and it started with me getting a terrible cold/flu thing. I have been coughing and sneezing my way to an early demise while my house is swiftly falling into RUIN!!! For the last three days I haven’t so much as tidied and I’m going crazy!! My kitchen is a wreck, dishes are piling up, the living room carpet is 50% carpet fiber and 50% pepperidge farm goldfish cracker crumbs. My daughters room looks, well, just like it always seems to, and my room…well it is where laundry piles go to die. They get dumped in there, clean, dirty, and some mixed, and then never come out again. Eventually someone needs a certain shirt or a clean pair of socks and we have to rummage through them creating the ultimate pile of indistinguishable clothes right in the middle of my bedroom floor. It kind of makes me think about that old cartoon show “Bump In the Night” where little monsters run amok in the mess of some kids room. Bump In the Night

And then, because as we all know when it rains it pours, my daughter decided she was going to begin the terrible twos TODAY!! She was running a million miles a minute, all over the house, making messes and yelling. It wasn’t that she was really being bad, per say, but she was a total handful! Oh, and when she did do something bad that warranted the time out chair, she threw a crying fit like I have never seen herd before. After a while I would break down like I usually do and I’d go comfort her she would snap out of it in two seconds flat! So here I am, okay, sick as a dog, kneeling next to my wailing child, thinking that I am the worst mother for putting her in time out. I’m sweating and tired, I can’t breathe through my nose, I look like Rudolph for crying out loud! So here we are eye to eye, tears falling down her cheeks, and just as I am about to apologize, she FARTS! And bursts out laughing and falls over backwards in the chair. Once I took in that she was okay and still laughing I said “honey, you are not done with time out. You have to get back in the chair.” She looks at me totally bemused and says ” but mama I need daddy.” I asked why thinking it was a ploy to get out of her chair time and she says ” to give him a high five, I pooped!”