Physician’s Formula Happy Booster Blush

So it’s been absolutely forever since I’ve written anything, obviously, but I’ve taken some time off school and I have had tons of time to think about new ideas. This lead to me being totally unable to pick where to start so I did NOTHING! Lol, anyway I was getting ready to go out today, putting on my face, and I realized how much I love Physician’s Formula Happy Booster blushes! So here’s what I know starting with basics!
Product Info : Ultra soft and blendable blushing powder features a fresh and vibrant mix of blushing tones infused with a pop of color to create a healthy glow. Multi reflective pearls provide a soft iridescence to highlight and add color to your cheeks. Infused with a happy booster blend, featuring happy skin and euphoryl, natural plant extracts which have been shown to promote a feeling of happiness by mimicking the effect of endorphins and helping protect the skin from environmental stress. Te sweet scent of violet provides a feeling of joy each time you apply.

My Opinion: The first thing I like to do when reviewing and testing a product is see if it lives up to the claims made on the package. I have four shades (and I think that’s all they have) Rosy, Pink, Natural, and Translucent. Swatches below the top is pink, then natural, then rosy, and lastly translucent. I did concentrated swatches so you could get a good sense of color. They come in a little compact with the little useless brush, although the colored bristles are sweet. I depotted two of them to put in my z palette and rosy got a little busted but that was my fault. Overall I think they are pretty standard blush colors, great staples for a collection. I have very fair skin and i haven’t had a problem carrying any of these off. They are very shimmery and unless you are going for a super duper sparkly look I wouldn’t use a highlighters with any of these, however….. Sometimes if i just want a gentle hint of color I’ll layer the translucent shade over a color in place of a highlighter. You can do this over any blush it makes a great sublet highlight giving you the promised glow. Also, the great part about the colors being broken up in these little hearts is that you can control the colors you wanna use. There is a small heart in each pan that has a bold pop of color that you can swirl in or swirl around. The texture is very silky, not unlike any powder I’ve tried from PF. They go on easy and are build able when needed. Can I just say I LOVE THE SMELL! I’m a little biased because that violet is one of my favorite scents but it is so pleasant. It smells great in the pan and it carries it unto your face. It’s light but lovely. So to sum it all up, I would say that I’m very happy with all of these and I would really recommend them to anyone looking for a new blush. Hope you try them and enjoy them and I love comments so let me know if there is anything you have a question about!










Mother’s Day!!

Today was wonderful! My daughter is only two so Mother’s Day is still new for me. After church and breakfast (and a little nap) I spent the afternoon swimming and playing with Maryjane. When she tells me that she loves me I feel a happiness that knows no bounds. So after I tucked my little one in to bed i had to wash the chlorine out of my hair. You all don’t know this but I recently cut of my hair into a fun bob cut. Tonight was the first time I sat down at my vanity to style it myself since it was cut Friday. When I flat ironed it it was so shiny and cute I felt inspired to do a make up look to accompany it. Below are a list of products used with mini reviews. Oh and please excuse the freckles the sun brought them out in force!!

Hair: I tried the Keracolor leave in treatment that came with my April glam bag while it was damp and then I used the Got2B flat iron balm on each section of my hair before straightening it. It left my hair smooth and silky and I feel like it was really protected against the heat. It says it will protect up to 425 degrees and my Chi goes to 430. I’ll keep using the balm and let you know how it holds up.

Face: I used the Loreal True Match liquid foundation in w1 porcelain and set it with the matching pressed powder. For this i used my sigma brushes f80 and f85. I think that this line of products is the among the best drugstore foundations. The shade range is enormous and the coverage is very buildable. If you want a more sheer look apply it with a moist sponge. If you want full coverage, like me trying to cover my freckles, I stipple it on with my brush.

Blush: I used NYX cream rouge blush in the shade Golden. I dabbed it on with my fingers and then blended it out with my beauty blender. I love these blushes especially in the summer because they hold up so well in the heat! They have tone of shades and go on so easily! Great product!

Highlight: I used the Cream Highlight from Urban Decay in the shade Wicked. This has the most unique texture, it is smooth and extremely light. It feels like having nothin on at all and yet you can tell from the pictures it catches the light perfectly. It blends seamlessly with my cream blush though not quite as easily with powders. Overall it’s a staple in my kit!

Eyes: For this I used my Naked and Naked 2 palettes from Urban Decay and my Maybelline 24 hour Tattoo Eyeshadow in Bold Gold. I laid down a base of Bold Gold and blended it out lightly into the crease. Then I went into the Naked 2 and used YDK on my mobile lid. Then, using the Naked palette I picked up Toasted on a fluffy crease brush and blended it on the crease concentrating on the outer v. Finally I used Sin as a brow highlight and blended out Toasted. For eyeliner I used Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Underground. I just tight-lined all the way around.

Brows: I used my ultimate favorite and stand by, the Anastasia brow powder in medium ash. I use this everyday with an angled brush to fill in my teensy brows. It is PERFECT! Hands down the best brow option!

Mascara: I tried out a new one tonight and I have to say that. I am not impressed. It is the Too Faced Lash Injection. It was dry and not very buildable. I managed to get my lashes how I liked them but I have used cheaper products that worked better really. Very disappointed 😦

So that wraps it up I hope you like it and feel free to ask any questions.





Make up melt down

Well in Arkansas it officially feels like summer. And that means it is time to reevaluate our make up routines. No more slaving over intricate full faces, bc thirty minute after you lave the house it melts off! So now we need to shoot for a more simple look using lighter product that can withstand the walmart parking lot, am I right? So while shopping for more make up that I in no way need I picked up the Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. All I have to say is wow! First of all I was totally shocked that they had a fair-light option. I’m very fair and usually the lightest option is light-medium. If the product could pass for medium skin tones there is no way it could work for me! But the fact that they had a fair option is what got it in my shopping cart. The fact that it is fantastic now has it in a place of honor on my vanity. It is smooth and goes on feeling so light, but it is super pigmented. Most of the time a T.M. Only gives you the faintest coverage, but this one gives me foundation like coverage without the mask face. Tonight, we are having dinner with my in laws and I did this look super fast! Below are a list of products I used. Over all I say go out and pick up a bottle asap!

Face: Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted moisturizer
Bronzer: Park Avenue Princess from Tarte
Blush: Happy Booster Tranlucent Face Powder
Eyes: Covergirl eyeshadow in Tapestry Taupe
Urban Decay eyeliner in Juju
Lights,Camera,Lashes! Mascara from Tarte