Finding Inspiration for a Makeup Look

Okay, have you ever sat down to do your makeup and felt like you had a kind of writers block. You just stare at your eyeshadows thinking “where do I start?” Well whenever this happens to me I just do swatches on my arm. Sounds simple enough right? You’d be surprised how easy it gets after doing this a couple of times. Now my makeup collection is enormous (let me know if you want a post about it) but this works equally well for those with a smaller collection. Whenever I am choosing what to swatch I reach for something I haven’t used in a while or maybe not at all. Now you’ve heard “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. The same goes for cosmetics, you can’t always tell by looking at it in the pan what it will look like on you. Okay, so pick what you want to swatch, as many as you want and go to town on both arms. For me I usually end up rekindling my love for a color and the rest of the look falls into place, but maybe you aren’t there quite yet. Let’s say you have a small collection with a couple different drugstore quads. By swatching them and holding them next to each other you can see all types of new combinations you haven’t tried. Another example, let’s say you have no idea what blush to choose for an eye look. Why not swatch out the eye look on one arm and all your blushes on the other. Then you can see what compliments it perfectly. I did mine today with my naked palette from Urban Decay and I realized that toasted and smog would create a lovely blended look. (maybe a post for tomorrow) Any hoo I know this isn’t some top secret professional beauty tip but it’s always come in handy for me and I wanted to share it with you. Thanks and comments welcome!